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A historical biography – POW Railway


A historical biography – is this something for me?

For those who are interested in a unique biography, and are open to discovering something new, then this audience shouldn’t be disappointed. I explain in simple to grasp terms, what’s going on and why. Quite often, books make an assumption that you have a good understanding of history, or naval history in this case. I wrote this book without this assumption, so there’s plenty of descriptions, explanations and details, to ensure that everyone can understand not just Wim’s experiences, but the background and context. 

Let’s face it, most people have heard of the Burmese railway being built by POWs in the second world war. The Burmese railway is more likely to be cited in our schoolbooks, and was made famous in a film. However, the Sumatran railway, has its own story to tell, which seems to be more neglected in the history books. 

Wim was able to recall many elements of both the Junyo Maru and the Pakan Baroe or Pakanbaru railway line history. Combined with my five years of research, I was able to verify many of the aspects of the story.